Mazamitla is located southeast of Jalisco, at coordinates 19 ° 47'30 "to 19 º 59'00" north latitude and 102 ° 58'35 "103 ° 10'45" west longitude, at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level.
The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipality of La Manzanilla de la Paz, Michoacan state and the municipality of Valle de Juarez, on the east by the municipality of Valle de Juarez, on the south by the municipalities of Valle de Juarez and Tamazula of Gordian, on the west by the municipalities of Concepción de Buenos Aires and La Manzanilla de La Paz.


The climate is semi-dry, with dry winter and warm winter thermal unchanged well defined. The average annual temperature is 21 ° C, with maximum of 25.7 ° C and minimum of 7.1 ° C. The rainfall occurs between the months of June and September, with an average rainfall of 982 millimeters. The average annual frost days is 52.6. The prevailing winds are towards the south.


Magic Town

The Magic Town June 24, 2005 took place at the official incorporation of the program Mazamitla "Magical Towns".

The Jaliscienses we are very proud and honored that our State becomes the first country to have this distinction.
In Mazamitla tradition combined with deeper human development, to provide dignified services to tourists on a magnificent framework Beauty and Mexican customs



  • Celebration of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin of Gpe.

Held from 3 to December 12, begins with a procession on day three, from the town of Empeche boy, accompanying the image of the Virgin to the parish of St. Christopher, while on other days are held in different neighborhoods.

  • Holidays to San Cristobal

Held the last weekend in July, lasting three days, making altars, church services, dances, fireworks accompanied, serenades and dawns.

  • Festivals Foundation Mazamitla

Held from 27 to 30 March, where are all kinds of cultural and sporting events.

  • Fiestas Patrias

Colorful festivities and hoopla begin on September 13 with a tribute to the Boy Heroes, continues with the day of the charro, the 15th and 16th with the traditional cry of Independence, parades, serenades and dances, ending the 17 with a walk in the park.

  • Bullfighting Festivals

They take place during the month of February, from 14 to 24 with bullfights, rodeos, arena, serenades in the main garden, outdoor terraces, dancing, rides and stalls Mexican dishes.

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