Mazamitla For visitors there are plenty of different types of activities, ensuring that everyone will find something for them.
From tranquil visits to the town square, walking through its alleys, to tours and ATV tours.


  •     Sightseeing Tours

Know the best places Mazamitla

Explore Mazamitla is the Official Tour for Mazamitla really, a sensational journey the most comfortable family car which will meet the main attractions, spectacular natural landscapes, history, traditions, practice private lake fishing, extreme sports such as: Canopy, climbing wall, archery, ATV and mountain biking. Besides playgrounds, small farm, and Tips for Hotels, Camping Restaurants.

Outputs: are from 10:00 am at the main square.

The cost: $ 100.00 pesos Adults and Children $ 50.00 pesos. Special rates for groups.


  •     ATV Rental

Live a thrill and the freedom to explore

Meet streets, hills and canyons ...
Find in this rrecorrido a fabulous experience.!

  •     Mazamitla Celebrations

Celebrate with us!

Celebration of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin of Gpe.
Held from 3 to December 12, begins with a procession on day three, from the town of Empeche boy, accompanying the image of the Virgin to the parish of St. Christopher, while on other days are held in different neighborhoods.

Holidays to San Cristobal
Held the last weekend in July, lasting three days, making altars, church services, dances, fireworks accompanied, serenades and dawns.

Festivals Foundation Mazamitla
Held from 27 to 30 March, where are all kinds of cultural and sporting events.

Fiestas Patrias
Colorful festivities and hoopla begin on September 13 with a tribute to the Boy Heroes, continues with the day of the charro, the 15th and 16th with the traditional cry of Independence, parades, serenades and dances, ending the 17 with a walk in the park.

Bullfighting Festivals
They take place during the month of February, from 14 to 24 with bullfights, rodeos, arena, serenades in the main garden, outdoor terraces, dancing, rides and stalls Mexican dishes.
Horse Riding Mazamitla


  •     Horseback riding

Walk Mazamitla!

This activity lets you know different and wonderful places Mazamitla accompanied by a guide. Walk the buckets, the Enchanted Garden, Salto, which is a beautiful deep waterfall, the Ditch, which was where towards traditional walk and is now a city park for picnics, but the front to get to the Pines subdivision White Pass, the Tarbadillo that is the best viewpoint where you can see the people and a majestic landscape that includes the distance the towering volcano Nevado and Colima.

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Mazamitla sports


  •     Play sports

Some of the services offered by Forest Escondido Bike rides are double and single, soccer, walking area, etc..
Mazamitla Crafts


  •     Crafts

Check out our variety of crafts and enjoy delicious food and sweets of the region types made by our people ...

A local delicacy is breakfast and dinner in the market, we strongly recommend, enjoy corundas, corn tamales with atole, toast, birria, wheat feasts (morelianas) and canelitas with picket.

Be sure to taste the cheese, canned fruits, quince caramel, sausage, cottage cheese, cream, brown sugar and eggnog, typical of the region as did the grannies with the highest quality and hygiene.

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