Mazamitla a place of traditions in Mexico

Located in the state of Jalisco, south of Guadalajara in the Southeast. For its natural beauty is considered by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Pueblo Magico.

Mazamitla, comes from the Nahuatl is the union of the words "mazatl" (deer), "mitl" (arrow) and "tlan" (place) therefore its interpretation can be very varied and different: "Place where deer are hunted with arrows "," Place of archers deer hunters "and" place where arrows to hunt deer do. "

It has amazing places which you can not miss, perfectly combines architectural beauty, natural more its people will always have a smile for those visiting the city. Among them are:

Enchanted Garden, Parish of San Cristobal Trench Forest, Forest Las Charandas, Forest The Jackal, Cerro El Tigre, La Cañada, Cascada El Salto, The Buckets, Monteverde, The Tabardillo Forest, Forest Las Penitas, Lumbreros Tower, Forest Mazamitla Pines, Mirador Las Penitas.

We know that Mexicans have a soul partying birth and if it comes to celebrating something we paint alone, but if we add that wonderful tradition along with customs, get a combination that will leave more than one with an open mouth.


Both national holidays as 15th September 16 held incredible, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, also have special holiday dates that celebrate bullfighting from 14 to 24 February.

Parties ¸ Mazamitla Foundation with the name can give an idea that surely the municipality "splash out the window" takes place from 27 to 30 March.


On the religious side, as in almost every corner of Mexico celebrate the saints, obviously Santos on Thursday and Friday, May 3 Holy Cross Day, Day of the Dead.

But they have a special significance La Virgen de Guadalupe from 4 to December 12, Feast of St. Christopher who is the "patron saint of the People", it is noteworthy that the celebration is about to begin because it takes place the second week of July.

Among his craft, will find objects made of quarry, blankets, and wooden sandals.

Their costumes, the man wears charro suit and dress Chinese woman Puebla.

If scrumptious it obviously could not forget the scrumptious cuisine that can be found in the place between them, buttermilk, mole, tacos, gorditas, birria, carnitas marinated barbecue.

If this seems just a rich post as blackcap and caramel

But there are drinks, you need to wash it down the atolte, mezcal, pulque, punch and wine.

You see friends every place has its magic, it pays to know Mexico from north to south and from east to west.

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