A weekend in Mazamitla

Mazamitla offers visitors a number of options at your visit, Mazamitla known for its climate, its forests, its tranquility.


a) you can practice extreme sports like zip line, climbing and rappelling Mundo Aventura.
b) know the fish farm where you can see how it produces rainbow trout, then enjoy it.
c) in the village of Mazamitla, walk the streets, farms bounded by red and white with baseboard eaves, which highlights the use of wood, get to the square and sit down to recover the human dimension of public space measurement men.
d) appreciate local crafts, taste typical food in one of the dining establishments, and in the evening reached a bar, or if you have enough courage, are the clubs, and at the end of the day gathered to privacy of the rooms of beautiful cabins.
e) provide for the Parish of San Cristobal beyond being the most important temple of Mazamitla, building stands out for its unusual architecture of great influence China and its unique eclectic style, highlighting the rectangular gable with a clock in the center.


natural mazamitlaf the trench) a horse ride is the best choice for the people walking around which highlights the Tiger Hill, a viewpoint 2,800 meters above sea level and from where you can see the Valley towns like Juarez and El Sabino in Michoacan.
g) visit the Enchanted Garden to enjoy the alpine environment. Ideal for those who enjoy natural areas and want to know Switzerland without leaving the country. Enchanted Garden is a beautiful place where you live Alpine countryside atmosphere Mazamitla between European-style cabins and trails in the woods, where he spends a beautiful creek crossed by curved bridges and thatched kiosks friendly, the spectacular nature of this site in each of the natural beauties, after a nice walk, there is a beautiful waterfall, waterfall between basalt rock about 35 feet high known as El Salto.

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